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At Healthy Workers our approach to the work environment is unique: we look for a balance between work and life. We are committed to developing the workplace of the future. We create the best possible work environment for happy employees and successful organisations.

Well-being and work spaces

Employees spend a lot of time in the workplace and the work environment has a major influence on their well-being. Improving the liveability of work spaces can have a hugely positive impact on employees and businesses. High levels of employee well-being can result in improved engagement, higher productivity, less sick leave and the acquisition and retention of talented staff. So, every successful company starts with happy employees.

Targeted investments with measurable results

Fortunately, employers are investing more and more in the health and well-being of their employees. Although this is a step in the right direction, Return On Investment is often unclear and results are not measured. It is impossible to implement targeted interventions and to understand their impact without data. Healthy Workers solves this problem: we make investments in companies measurable.

Measuring, analyzing and improving

Using scientifically proven techniques we compile important information. We constantly monitor the work environment and start a dialogue with employees. In order to obtain a comprehensive picture we immerse ourselves in both the physical and mental work stressors that can affect health, well-being and productivity. Based on these findings we present companies with insights and propose targeted interventions that are designed with the needs of employees in the workplace in mind. This way, together with companies, we create the best possible working environment and work to advance employee happiness and productivity.

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Our team

The people behind our company

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Boy Lokhoff
CEO & Co-founder
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Stephanie Crul
Customer lead & Product Owner
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Mémé Veels
Employee Experience Researcher
Thumb avatar 1534337838
Pim Jenniskens
Product Designer (UI/UX)
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Evelien Koekkoek
Workplace Assessor
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Marlous Kramers
Marketing Manager
Thumb avatar 1534342337
Tim Goedhart
Thumb avatar 1534342352
Michaela Venglarova
Thumb avatar 1543507351
Robin PIets
Front-end Developer

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Current openings

Senior Content Marketeer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Head of Product
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Head of Engineering
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Senior Front End Developer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Medior Front End Developer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Senior Back End Developer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Medior Back End Developer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why us?

There are so many reasons to join

  • Amazing office in B.Amsterdam
  • Unlimited vacation days
  • The best office (practice what you preach right?!)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Diverse team
  • Opportunity to grow, as we do

Where you'll find our healthy work-place


B3, B.Amsterdam
Johan Huizingalaan 400-2
1066JS, Amsterdam

Any questions?

For any question or remark regarding our job openings or recruitment process, please reach out to Tim Goedhart or Michaela Venglářová

Tim Goedhart, tim@newamsterdamcapital.nl, 0623925943

Michaela Venglářová, michaela@newamsterdamcapital.nl, +420 604 135 372


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