Head of Product

Job description

Why we do what we do 

Office workers spend 95% of their time indoors. As your environment influences your mood, well-being and performance, 68% of employees are unhappy with their work environment, which costs companies millions every year. This is why Healthy workers’ mission is to build healthy workplaces around the world. Our web application is closely developed based on the needs of employees. In the near future, we aim to build intelligent buildings that can help employees to navigate, track and pro-actively react on the well-being and needs of the employees. 

Your role

We are looking for an experienced Head of Product with a good understanding of data-driven product design. A pragmatic thinker who is capable of making strategic decisions in the direction of our product design, and thrives in the fast-paced work environment of a startup. Someone that likes to be busy with hands-on work, but is also the one who makes the calls on the design of our product. 


As a Head of Product at Healthy Workers, you understand the necessity of experimentation, the need to fail and advocate continuous iteration. Our ideal candidate is eager to work with other team members (such as other designers, developers, researchers, etc.) in order to tackle the challenges at hand.


We have the data- and research-power in house, so it's up to you to translate it into amazing product features. 


Your role

  • You will validate and substantiate your own work and ideas, to be the ultimate user advocate.
  • Collaborate with a Product Owner to prioritize merchant needs and opportunities.
  • Push boundaries of UI/UX/visual execution, while continuously experimenting, trying, testing, and of course, failing and iterating.
  • You’ll diverge in concepts and ideas, and then converge to realisable and innovative designs.
  • Present your work effectively and eloquently communicate design choices to other designers and stakeholders.
  • Work with an aim of transparency, demonstrating an open attitude for collaboration and the reception of feedback. 

What we offer you

  • A fulltime job with a competitive compensation package;
  • A Healthy working environment in the beautiful and dynamic workspace at B. Amsterdam;
  • The opportunity to make your mark on workplace performance all around the world;
  • Unlimited vacation days;
  • Flexible work-hours;
  • The opportunity to grow into a CPO role on short notice.


Besides being a great person, we also like you to have: 

  • 5+ years experience working as a Head of Product, Product Owner, or UX designer;
  • The capability to dream big, and execute small; 
  • Experience in working on complex products (preferably with multiple user groups);
  • An impeccable eye for detail;
  • The technical knowledge and experience with building prototypes, using both code and visual tools;
  • Ability to independently generate production assets;
  • Ability to design for multiple touch points (Web, iOS, Android, mobile web, email etc.);
  • Ability to set product analytics goals, analyse and process user-feedback and -data to subsequently apply this in iterations.

How we work

Healthy Workers is committed to developing the first data analytics platform for measuring the impact of the physical work environment on employee well-being. Healthy Workers combines employee input and sensor data to help companies create the best possible work environment for their employees. We've laid down the core of the product and spent the past year running pilots at corporate organizations. We are in a phase of quick learning and development to become the power behind high-performance workplaces worldwide.